Style frames for a television show pitch about a man stricken with every personality disorder possible and his first time leaving his apartment in a very, very long time.

INFINITE POSSIBILITY - 3D Experience // HP/Intel -  Coachella 2018

Storyboarding and visual development done for Infinity Marketing in a collaborative project with HP/Intel and Coachella 2018. The board process was used to assist the 3D artists with developing their parts of the projection. 

MIA'S WINDOW - Stranger in the Backyard - Disney Test

Original Story: A stranger in the backyard disrupts Mia's (pr: mee-yeah) grumpy, but peaceful evening. She straps up to teach the intruder a lesson!

BREAKING BAD - Remix Sessions

A project done under the instruction of award winning board artist Peter Paul, the goal here was to develop a look and tone for an animated remake of Breaking Bad. The following sequence comes from the original teaser script.